Data Driven Use Cases
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One of India’s Fastest Growing
Private Sector Bank
As an Analytics partner, helping bank in identifying, conceptualising various use cases, and building technical architecture, PoCs, MVPs, models, production-ready solutions based on AWS, ELK, Spark, Python, Kafka
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Eko India Financial Services
FinTech Company
The overall project objective is to setup a good data-pipeline, build a data lake, to take full advantage of the available ‘data’ in order to make operations more efficient by using advanced analytics and data science techniques. Phase two of the projects is to leverage ‘data lake’ to understand customer insights for up-sell, cross-sell, to support multiple use cases like customer segmentation analytics, predicting customer churn, real-time fraud analytics, generating credit scores etc and to look at risk in a more holistic manner, and to make it easier to work with them.
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Global Appliances Maker
Leader in Home Appliances
The client is ramping up its activities in developing big data and data science as a key tool in running the business and as a source of new services for consumers. We have set up a big data engineering team in Mumbai whose sole focus is to develop and manage data platforms, data pipeline, data engineering across various use cases
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Leading Insurtech
Company in India
Client plans to setup skills, infrastructure, technologies and operations in place to leverage data that it possesses or can harness from public domains with the objective of becoming a data driven organization. Oneture's relevant expertise and experience in making organizations unlock true value of their data is partnering with client through this journey.
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Data-Driven decision making using
ThoughtSpot Search & AI deployment
Uncover hidden insights with ThoughtSpot self-service BI, conversational BI. Assisted bank to power a true Data-Driven decision making culture using ThoughtSpot Search & AI deployment. With that business stakeholders/analysts are empowered to answer their own data questions to make more data-informed decisions while significantly reducing their reporting bottleneck. Oneture helped in Architecture, connecting on-premises data sources to the ThoughtSpot tool. end-to-end data-pipeline implementation, schema building, development of various cronjobs pinboards, worksheets, dashboard across these uses cases: Risk Assessment and reporting of Special Mention Accounts; Twitter, Chatbot, and VPN analytics, credit-card customers data analytics, Insurers and their offerings analysis.