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Marketing Collaterals Creation

A Generative AI based solution to create marketing collaterals within minutes for any brand based on the company’s brand guardrails exponentially increasing the pace of content creation (from days to minutes)

Problem Statement

Creating Marketing collaterals like creatives for various platforms, thumbnails and cover images is an intrinsic part of any marketing campaign for a company. Typically, companies hire graphic designers who typically take many days to come up with a creative that would suit the company’s brand guardrails.


The client was looking at automating this process of creative creation and create multiple creatives in minutes which follows the company’s guardrails like logo placement, brand colors, font type, font size and others and help graphic designers get a good starting point on which they can fine tune as per the requirement and exponentially decrease the time and cost of creating marketing collaterals for any marketing campaign for the company.

We leveraged the Stable Diffusion model for this where we first gathered a lot of images of the brand and captioned them as per their description and fine-tuned the stable diffusion model (ControlNet variant) on this data.