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Oneture Technologies Elevates to AWS Advanced Partner Tier: A Milestone in Cloud Excellence
By Mahesh Pathak | December 03 2023
We're thrilled to announce that Oneture Technologies has achieved the esteemed AWS Advanced Partner tier. This significant milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering unparallel...
Market Data Feed Platform Fully Compliant with India's Major Stock Exchanges
By Mahesh Pathak | November 05 2023
Oneture's Market Data Feed Platform is Fully Compliant with India's Major Stock Exchanges. It offers low-latency, real-time and historical financial market data feeds. How does our our platform op...
Generative AI
Automating Medical and Legal Transcriptions
By Ravi Mevcha | September 24 2023
A Generative AI based solution to automate the process of medical and legal transcription with good accuracy so that transcriptionists can focus only on reviewing the output instead of creating the...
Generative AI
Marketing Collaterals Creation
By Ravi Mevcha | September 24 2023
A Generative AI based solution to create marketing collaterals within minutes for any brand based on the company’s brand guardrails exponentially increasing the pace of content creation (from days ...
Generative AI
Chatbot for Domain based Complex Documents
By Ravi Mevcha | September 24 2023
A Generative AI based to solution for creating a chatbot which can understand complex domain based documents and answer questions based on it. Problem Statement The client gets hundreds of reques...
Generative AI
Synthetic Data Creation for Computer Vision Model Training
By Ravi Mevcha | September 24 2023
A Generative AI based solution for Synthetic Dataset Creation for specialized Computer Vision use cases. Problem Statement The client is working on a Computer Vision use case which has a huge nee...
Football Analytics using Computer Vision
By Mahesh Pathak | July 10 2023
Introduction As with other sectors, AI is transforming the Sports Industry as well with applications in Cricket, Tennis and others along with Football. Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms...
Data Analytics
Bitcoin price prediction based on Databricks' Multi-Component Approach, On-Chain Metrics, Market Sentiment and Historical Trends
By Aswin Govi | March 06 2023
Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website...
Success Story
ICICI Securities powers its digital transformation to a digitally integrated financial marketplace with AWS and Oneture Technologies
By Mahesh Pathak | March 05 2023
Background: As the investors and traders demand for digital tools rise faster than ever before, financial institutions are competing to offer products and services that are increasingly technology...