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Generative AI
Reducing Operational Risks and Trading Frauds with Generative AI
Developing Generative AI based solution for leading full-service stocking broking company to reducing Operational Risks and Trading Frauds.
AI/ML & Automation
AIoT-based Prototype for Remote Monitoring System
Building AIoT-based end-to-end system for monitoring the key activities in ATMs with the help of computer vision.
Big Data
Data Warehouse Modernisation for a Large Broking and Financial Services enterprise: Migrating from Excel-based MIS system to a Data Lakehouse Platform with a Real-time Interactive Dashboard
Modernizing reporting system to enable faster, more efficient data processing and analysis using cloud based Data Lakehouse.
AI/ML & Automation
Machine Learning (ML) based eKYC and customer on-boarding solution for Financial Institutions
Developed a flawless eKYC process for customer onboarding using AI/ML and AWS Cloud resulting reduced customer dropout and saving on operational costs and time that comes with paper-based KYC.
AI/ML & Automation
ATM Real-time Remote Monitoring and Alert System Solution
Cloud-based video surveillance system using AI that can detect potential security threats and anomalies in real-time and improve security at ATM locations.
Product Development
Strategy & solution consulting to build a data-driven marketing program
IT strategy & consulting to develop Marketing Automation and Customer Data Analytics Platform to make operations more efficient and use advanced analytics techniques for data driven decisions
Product Development
Customer 360 for Indian Private Sector bank
Developed platform providing comprehensive view of customers by leveraging data from various touchpoints in a customer’s journey which helps RMs maintain a relationship with their customers.
AI/ML & Automation
RPA for a leading technology based e-broking and wealth management company
Developed RPA solutions that helped the client meet all processing SLAs with significant accuracy, huge cost benefit and time savings with negligible human intervention thereby reducing human errors
Big Data
Building a data lake and environment full stack financial services provider
Transforming 13+ year old data architecture and building data lake that seamlessly manage quick and secure access to 17 mn+ customers datasets