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Data Accelerator
Leverage pre-built technical accelerator and best practices to jump-start your move to data-led transformation journey in weeks
Reduce experimentation time and avoid common pitfalls
Expert Architects
Work with team proficient in developing production-grade architectures
Fail-safe exploratory environment for collaborative experimentation


Speed and predictability of data & analytics journey is the key competitive advantage for companies. This is best possible when companies focus their energy on solving problems that are unique to their business. Oneture brings pre-built code, best practices and joint engineering capabilities - to solve common problems in a reusable way—to cut down the effort and risks that come with complex initiatives.

What You Get

Access to pre-built code, best practices, solution architects, and experts that can guide and help accelerate your data journey.

Jointly, we will accelerate why, what and how of:

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Delta Lake, Lakehouse architecture
ML lifecycle from experimentation to production leveraging MLflow & Sagemaker
High performance Distributed computing leveraging Apache Spark
Petabyte scale, Realtime, Diverse sources
Expose and consume data with Business Intelligence tools, Reporting, REST API and WebSocket realtime dashboards
Governance & Compliance
Viewpoint on frameworks to implement data governance
Case Studies
Big Data solution for one of India’s fastest growing private sector bank
Setting up a big data analytics platform on the cloud to enable the bank towards better data-driven decisions