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Oneture Technologies becomes Automation Anywhere Technology Partner

Oneture Technologies takes another step forward in developing Intelligent Automation offering for customers by becoming Technology Partner for Automation Anywhere, a global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform leader.



The partner status validates that Oneture follows best practices in RPA implementation and provides high-quality RPA services using the Automation Anywhere platform. With development of 25+ BOTs using Automation Anywhere in the last 10 months, Oneture has demonstrated deep expertise in RPA by helping enterprises to be competitive, cost cautious and high performance.

RPA is growing at an unprecedented rate because of the high levels of efficiency and productivity achieved from intelligent automation. Key to success is in collaboration, picking the right engagement model, CoE mindset, domain understanding, relevant platform expertise coupled with engineering capabilities in Cloud, Big-data, Software engineering.

We are excited to collaborate with Automation Anywhere to deliver state of the art RPA solution to our clients enabling them to increases process efficiency, speed and scale innovation for its customers.