Oneture completes four years

Jun 23, 2020
Posted by: Mahesh Pathak
Category: Updates

Today, Oneture completes four years

Building Digital Solutions for real-life problems continues to be the core theme for us, happy to share that we have helped transform 30+ ideas/projects into reality.

The past three months have been challenging but the year has been exciting and rewarding on many fronts:

Data, Product / Platform Engineering and Cloud Services continues to be the key focus areas; to strengthen our capabilities further, we developed an end to end SaaS Reference Solution offering. This “SaaS Reference Solution” is focused on just one very specific objective “how could we accelerate your SaaS journey by showing you an end to end working SaaS application upfront”. These are unprecedented times, there is tremendous pressure on budgets and time to market and we sincerely believe this SaaS Reference solution is a quick and effective way to build, migrate and optimize SaaS solution cost-effectively. Refer to for more details

Sincere thanks to all our clients, they continue to be our coaches and mentors and we appreciate their support and guidance. This wouldn’t have been possible without the faith and belief that they bestowed on us as we manage through such tough times.

Our team is our strength. I am really proud of our team’s “no matter what, we will make it happen” mindset – such an incredible innate thirst for client success. I want to share my deepest thanks to each of you for the creative and collaborative ways you have stepped up to support our company and our customers during this crisis.

There is no playbook for these times and having that deep empathy and understanding for each other’s situations is needed now more than ever. Our passion remains unshaken and we will continue to embrace “Startup-like agility with Enterprise-like maturity” philosophy with more rigor, we will continue to build deep Fullstack, Product Management, Cloud, AI/ML, FinTech expertise and service offerings that can help clients at all stages of the product lifecycle and business maturity

Thank you,

Mahesh Pathak

Founder and CEO