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Beyond ‘Digital Transformation’

Our organisation has successfully completed six years! In our previous anniversary post, we focused on ‘accelerating our journey to evolve as a Digital Transformation Partner’. We are proud to share that we have been instrumental in transforming our clients on their digital journey. Our team grew by 100% and clients turn to us as the trusted partner for the solutions they need to accelerate growth and become more resilient and efficient.

Our sincere thanks to our team, for their tireless efforts and wholehearted support throughout this journey and their unwavering dedication and display of commitment to the success of our client’s projects/business. This has helped transform Oneture into a purpose-driven organization, thus evolving our deep value proposition to resolve business challenges faced by our clients in a rapidly changing corporate environment. 

We appreciate and celebrate the trust and relationship with our customers, partners and well-wishers without whom this milestone would not be to achieved.

Our Commitment Ahead

For us, ‘Transformation’ is also about transforming the lives of our dedicated team. They are the strength and the driving force behind our success story. They have overcome hurdles and have strived together as a unit, keeping the client’s success as the primary goal. We continue to make employee experience the core, focus on an innovation and research-driven culture, continue to encourage our team to think outside the box, with complete freedom to constantly experiment, through trial and error if needed, and re-invent and nurture new skills.

Oneture would like to take this celebration of strength and dedication of work not only as a business principle, but as a life changing practice to transform and benefit our incredible team professionally, financially, and more importantly make an enriching experience in their personal lives. We look forward to making our work environment more vibrant and scale even greater heights.