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Establishing and running a RPA Centre of Excellence to accelerate automation effort across various Lines of Business
Automation Anywhere
About Client

The client is a American global consulting, engineering and construction management firm providing key market's environmentally focused, digitally powered solutions across power, utilities, transportation, real estate, water and governments 

Problem Statement

Individual LOBs were interested in short term fixes and local-level automations in the interest of time to market. To top it up, technical landscape consisted of host of diverse technologies across on-premises and in Cloud. There is a high-degree of manual work that was highly error prone.

Based on a thorough evaluations and various PoCs, the client had made the decision to build Automation Anywhere based RPA CoE to deliver enterprise-grade RPA solutions to automate business processes, enabling operations across all LOBs to be scale faster and more cost-effectively, while increasing performance accuracy.

The client was looking for a Trusted partner on their RPA journey who has diverse-technical-capabilities with process and business transformation capabilities with the right depth of Anywhere Automation (RPA) tool and – who has ability to scale as an offshore partner in the long term beyond RPA journey

Oneture's Role

As an RPA partner, Oneture is responsible for jointly identifying, assessing and implementing RPA use-cases in the broader context of digital transformation. Here is a specific use cases as an example


This automation involves an application process for new work from Client’s market partners. Prior to automation, an individual client employee was responsible for sorting through an email inbox, identifying the relevant work applications, splitting the application files into relevant categories, saving the files into their proper location, and uploading all the details into an ERP system.


As per the initial feasibility assessment, the process was considered 100% feasible for automation. Once the feasibility study got done, flow was created in a Solution Design Document. Automation Anywhere Bot solution was developed on the basis of the SDD document, which included identifying unread emails, extraction of emails, extraction of email attachments, splitting pdf files on the basis of keywords, merging them with the different categories, saving all attachments and email on a shared location and then uploading details and attachment in an ERP portal. For this, we leveraged Automation Anywhere commands and VBScript to automate the entire process end to end.


The developed automation has streamlined this process so that it no longer requires employee labor. The RPA solutions helped the client meet all processing SLAs with significant accuracy as well as huge cost and time savings; with negligible human intervention thereby reducing human errors and improving overall performance of the company

Value Delivered

In just 4 months, we built three new RPA use cases and helped streamline the whole RPA environment to start delivering cost savings and improved efficiencies, and freed up bandwidth. This has helped gain LOB Lead’s confidence in RPA journey, resulting in tremendous buy-in and a healthy pipeline of opportunities for further automation across the board.

In collaboration with Oneture, TRC has streamlined our RPA environment and transitioned a number of new bots into production within the last eighteen months resulting in cost savings and improved efficiencies. This has helped us gain confidence in our RPA journey, resulting in buy-in and a healthy pipeline of opportunities for further automation across the board.
Rob Petrone
VP, Information Technology - TRC Companies