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Developing Payments Platform for Benow (Cashless Technologies)
Node.js, Angular, MySQL, AWS
About Client

Benow is a disruptive Payments & EMI Technology platform that promotes and nurtures a “deviceless” payment acceptance facility at retail outlets. The platform challenged a 3 decade old retail payment eco-system and transformed it into a digital ecosystem there by making it more efficient and responsive to the needs of retail outlets

Problem Statement

To build a complete Digital Payments Platform that is easy to use, future proof, and supporting both offline and online businesses across India. Platform, which supports wide array of payment modes, plug and play array of customized products for various business segments of all sizes and also provide SDK/API integration with partners.

Benow wanted to focus on how merchants, customers interact with the product and services by offering exceptional & robust digital payment platform.

Oneture's Role

Oneture has been Co-Product Development partner in Benow’s journey almost from the start (18 months) and following is the laundry list of applications /features that we have partnered in implementing for Benow.

  • Payment modes like Credit and Debit card, Net Banking, UPI, BharatQR, Adhar Pay, NFC, Payment Gateways
  • Banks and hardware integrations like Biometric device integration for Aadhaar Pay, NFC device integration for Aadhaar Pay, Custom display device integration for UPI QR
  • Web SDK, APIs integration kits
  • SaaS applications for NGO, Home businesses, Retail merchants, Chain of stores (with multiple roles), Supermerchants (with merchant/chain hierarchies)
  • Additional features for various businesses
    • Payment links for all verticals
    • Campaign capabilities for Home businesses and NGOs
    • Web-store with customized sub-domains
    • UPI payment links for retail/chain/super merchants
    • Distributor connect (ability to manage payments to distributors) for retail/chain/super merchants
    • Catalogs for Home businesses and NGOs
    • Shipping/Return Policy/Offers etc for web stores of home businesses
    • Settings and configurations for all verticals
    • Reports (CSV, PDF, HTML), notifications, daily settlement statements etc for all verticals
    • Multi-lingual for all verticals
  • Merchant on-boarding – various applications are built for supporting different needs e.g Self-onboarding application for home businesses, Assisted (with call center) on-boarding application (for call center and merchant), Mass-onboarding application (for camps where cameras will capture documents and later background processes and operations team will get into details)
  • Custom integration applications like MGL, Zipgrid
  • Virtual POS with NFC for e-khata
  • User profiling and insights
  • Administration console
  • Others
    • Small specific applications for targeted clientele (e.g. taking consent for a new regulation).
    • 80G certificates for NGOs.
    • Invoice printing for home businesses.

Being a digital payment transaction platform, Benow needed a solution that operates at very large scale and provide high throughput, massive storage scalability, and high availability.

The infrastructure had to be reliable & salable to support operations, and it needed elasticity to support demand peaks of more than thousands of transactions per minute across merchants and millions of end users.


Value Delivered

We have been through the journey of co-creating a basic prototype to scaling the platform and then sustaining it

Our agility, flexible engagement model, product and technology expertise multiple technology stacks has helped Benow to accelerate its growth into new markets and vertical like NGO, Home businesses and Retail

Benow has a merchant base of more than 75,000 across India helping local neighborhood merchants grow their business and stay competitive

Development and engineering excellence, developed and scaled various proof of concepts (POC) with very little guidance, then simply expand the size of the POC to go into production. It saved Benow team a huge amount of time and money

Technology Domain Tools
Front End Angular 4, Materialize CSS, HTML5, CSS 3, Angular-CLI, Gulp
Middle-tier NodeJS 8.0.0, Socket.io, Winston, Phantomjs, Jimp, Serialport, Multer, Java SDK 8, WildFly 10, Liquibase, Hibernate
Database MySQL on Amazon RDS, Amazon S3
Payment Integrations PayU SDK, Airpay SDK
Others Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Npm, Maven, Bitbucket, Github, Postman
Lessons Learned

Along the journey of implementing Benow’s digital payment platform on AWS, team learned following lessons.

  • Build for future scale: you might not need scale on day one but you should design your implementation for future growth and additional workloads
  • Consider hiring someone with technical and business skills who can understand the costs associated with consuming cloud technologies.
  • Organization must work with strategic partners to succeed; those key strategic partnerships are critical to the success and the speed
  • Understand what it means to move from the CapEx model of infrastructure purchases to the OpEx, pay-as-you-go model as it may affect budgeting.
  • Fewer developers can often produce more; small hand-picked teams are often the most innovative and productive, hand-pick your team in the same way that you would if you were the client / owner
Oneture is an integral part of our platform engineering team for more than two years now. They not only provide us with agility, stability and quality tech engineering capabilities but also bring product-centric thinking which is very essential in managing the dynamic digital payments space. Thanks to Oneture for supporting us in the Benow journey
Sudhakar Ram
Founder and CEO - Benow (Cashless Technologies)