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One-stop mobile app for buying and selling various investment products
Capital Markets
About Client

Client is leading stock broking company providing services like stock broking, financial products distribution, wealth management, and investment banking. They are serving customers ranging from the retail & institutional investors, corporates and High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs)

Problem Statement

Savvy investors, traders are looking for one-stop apps that combines all their financial needs like easy access to: financial information, various financial markets, seamless buying and selling across markets and instruments, consolidated portfolio across various investments.

Client decided to come up with a Mobile based one-stop integrated transaction platform, potentially disrupting a divided ecosystem but also bringing simplicity to investors to retain customer loyalty with bundled ecosystems that offer more than just traditional trading capability.

Key objectives of the mobile platform

  • A mobile app should allow users to transact and invest on the go
  • It should allow user to track the consolidated investment portfolio at a glance across all investment products offered by client
  • The app should provide insightful content for new investor/user, investment recommendations and easy mechanism to search and track favourite stocks / investment product
  • Redeeming/selling investments should be easy with the app
Oneture's Role

The client was looking for a technology partner who has demonstrated Financial Markets domain knowledge and relevant hands-on expertise in developing cloud-web-mobile applications, who is well-versed with Fintech world, who has demonstrated start-up mind and creativity and who could lead them through the development process.

Oneture already had a proven track record at this client of building multiple digital platforms like Financial Markets data streaming, performance improvements and stabilization of their online account opening & KYC platform, APIfication and Enterprise Architecture assessment

Oneture put in place a team of Product Manager to lead the show, and Flutter developers for Mobile App development to compliment client’s backend and API development team. As a joint effort, we have been involved with client right from conceptualizing the idea, to product management, to design and development and testing, benchmarking and so forth


Team was divided into multiple small groups, each group focusing on a specific product and Business Lead, Product Manager and API lead  having overall view and oversight of the platform.

Team initiated various knowledge sharing and design workshops to analyse features, workflows, APIs design, UI, transaction level nitty gritty and to think through the needs and possible solutions and approaches for the build phase.

Technical Architecture was thought through keeping highest level of scalability, robustness, and security of the aspects in mind, a cloud-based architecture was designed so that the system is exquisitely responsive to growth, and ensures data security and privacy. 

Usability / User Experience : The mobile apps is designed to be extremely simple to use with minimal typing. Data inputs, such as dates, Interest rates, investment duration etc. are displayed on sliders or drop-down menus to avoid making typos.

User Authentication : Securely authenticating user is one of the most important factor in investment mobile app, however it should not lead to unpleasant user experience. To make login & authentication seamless we have developed easy MPIN (Mobile PIN) login along with other biometric authentication methods supported by smartphones like Face ID and Touch ID.

Portfolio and Profile : Displaying all financial products purchased by user in  streamlined and visualized form. Portfolio gives quick view about of money user has invested and whether their investments are growing or not. User can also check their buying power (i.e., a money account to purchase stocks), trading history, help and other options.

Watchlist : When several financial products / stocks are available on the platform, it becomes cumbersome for the users to keep track of their favourite stocks. App provides users to create multiple watchlist and add their favourite products / stocks for quick access.

Search and Filters : Robust and streamlined search engine that provides various options to search from. App also have various that help users find the right type of financial product / stock.

Trading / Order Placement : The main objective of investment app is the ability to easily sell or buy a stock or other financial products. App supports 8 different financials products like Equity, Future & Options (F&O), Mutual Funds, Commodity, Currency, Fixed Deposit & Bonds, NPS and IPO. It allows user to place simple buy / sell order with one click along with advance features to plan and open complex trades on the go.


Any mobile investment app development should have robust a back-end system working with stock exchanges and other services to populate a mobile app with data. We have planned and delivered mobile app with four key aspect mentioned below.

Backend Platform : We have been working with client to develop real-time financial market data streaming solution, scaling up their user onboarding and KYC process to serve as base platform to support mobile app.

App Development : For mobile app development, we have use Flutter as cross-platform development framework. To provide seamless, secure & fast experience, we have leveraged persistent storage, device mapping for security and many such technology features.

APIs & SDKs Integration : We have used 100s of API throughout apps for various functionality like real-time stock quotes, market depths, order placement and reconciliation, payment gateway integration etc.

Testing : For any financial system development, testing should not be an afterthought. Apart from doing functional testing, data validation to handle any data entry mistake by users, we have also thoroughly assessed client’s infrastructure to check system’s capability to handle concurrent users, number of transactions processed per second, file upload/download etc. and provided solution as required.

Lessons Learned
  • Focus on UI/UX to address different types of users and their investment needs. User’s investment methods are of different types, some are focused on day trading, while others are suited for long-term investing.
  • Not everyone will be familiar with financial jargons and knowledge. Requirements should be written down not only in professional but in simple language to make it easier and quicker for the team to understand what should be done.
  • When it comes to product knowledge and features to be implemented, brining everyone on the same page through workshops helped minimise gaps and rework
  • Don’t underestimate testing when developing. System should be thoroughly tested and should have very low tolerance for bugs because people can lose money.
Oneture over the period of last two plus years is playing a vital role on ISec’s Digital initiatives and helping us in accelerating the pace of innovation across Cloud, Automation, and Data. They built a very innovative cloud-based market data rate refresh platform to cater to our ever-increasing volumes, they are an integral part of our team in building a All-in-One SuperApp mobile app for trading, enterprise-wide APIfication, RPA initiatives, etc. All in all, Oneture has been a trusted partner to help us to remain a platform of choice of our exponentially growing customer base and our growth journey.
Subhash Kelkar
Chief Technology and Digital Officer