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RPA for a leading technology based e-broking and wealth management company
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About Client

Client is leading stock broking company providing services like stock broking, financial products distribution, wealth management, and investment banking. They are serving customers ranging from the retail & institutional investors, corporates and High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs)

Problem Statement

Our client was struggling with three major challenges a) their initial RPA automation effort made them feel stuck with little to no ROI b) ever increasing pressures on fee structures due to steep competitions from discount brokers limiting any further headcount growth c) exponential growth in number of new accounts and volume of transactions putting tremendous pressure on operations team

Client’s objective was to focus on simplification and to overcome these challenges by automating middle and back operations at speed

Approach :

Our initial assessment of the process landscape and tech-check suggested multiple process areas wherein value can be derived from Robotics Process Automation.

The following activities and task has been defined and we started applying this framework for every automation use case, ultimate goal is to move towards building Centre of Excellence for Automation.

Oneture's Role

As an RPA trusted partner, Oneture is responsible for jointly identifying, assessing and implementing RPA use-cases in the broader context of digital transformation. Here is a specific use cases as an example

Use case 1:

ABC tracking and margin monitoring process is done manually by a user from 9 AM to 5 PM for equity, FNO and CDX segments. User has to keep on monitoring values that are getting updated on a real time basis on a web portal to calculate the margin utilization in cash, FNO, CDX, debt, OFS, SLBM segments.


A solution was suggested after the process walkthrough through RPA automation anywhere tool. As per the initial assessment, the process was found 100% feasible for automation. In the solution, bot will continue to run into a loop from 9 AM to 5 PM to check the portal values. The notification activity is given into the solution where a user will get an email when the margin utilization crosses 60% or fluctuates between 60 to 100% in a particular segment.

Use case 2:

EOD & Intraday files alerts and download is the process of risk operations which is done by a user to fetch the files provided by exchange on the member portal or on the website. The requirement was to send email alerts when these files are available on the portal and download the same to the client server.


As per the process walkthrough, the process has been identified as feasible for automation. RPA (Automation anywhere) tool is so flexible with the web portals on the basis of UI or backend. The AA tool will be interacting with various web portals to identify the file and download the same. Bot will run in the frequency of every one hour to look for EOD & intraday files on exchange portals, once the file is identified then bot will download the same. Automation anywhere tool provides a functionality to send/read emails through an email server and using the same bot sends an email trigger to the user upon finding the files.

Value Delivered

The developed automations have streamlined these processes so that it no longer requires employee labor. The RPA solutions helped the client meet all processing SLAs with significant accuracy as well as huge cost, FTE benefit and time savings; with negligible human intervention thereby reducing human errors and improving overall performance of the company.

Given the success of first two use cases, client approved additional budget and identified an RPA Ambassador to help socialize automation and its benefits internally. This helping changes the company’s cultural mindset to automation first, wherever possible. The team now receives automation submission ideas from senior leaders through to SMEs who own the processes.

Approximately 20 automation use cases — some simple, some complex — are identified  for the next 6 month

Oneture over the period of last two plus years is playing a vital role on ISec’s Digital initiatives and helping us in accelerating the pace of innovation across Cloud, Automation, and Data. They built a very innovative cloud-based market data rate refresh platform to cater to our ever-increasing volumes, they are an integral part of our team in building a All-in-One SuperApp mobile app for trading, enterprise-wide APIfication, RPA initiatives, etc. All in all, Oneture has been a trusted partner to help us to remain a platform of choice of our exponentially growing customer base and our growth journey.
Subhash Kelkar
Chief Technology and Digital Officer