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CMS Info Systems’s Digital Transformation
Python, Microsoft .Net, Angular, React Native, MySQL
About Client

CMS is the 5’th largest ATM Cash Management company Globally. They enable commerce – connecting business, and banks and people with money, they automate ATM and currency management in India, their networks and support services ensures money is readily available across all states. They provide Cashiering services for top retail chains to picking up cash from more than 40000 merchants and banking it, they provide range of services across each stage of cash cycle in India from currency chests to ATMs to vaults to stores to wallets, to installing and managing Intelligent ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines and Recyclers; they are pioneer in helping change banking in India.

Oneture's Role

As a Digital Technology Transformation Partner, over the last 12+ months Oneture has been helping build and manage below Digital Solutions:

ATM Indent App

Use case details : Reconciliation of incoming ATM Indents with actually recycled/loaded cash in ATMs is a big operational challenge resulting in conflicts, delays and defaults. We built ATM Indent management App to automatically reads 30k+ mails daily and processes each mail information. Downloads attached pdf files and extracts relevant data from forms and tables in PDF files on real-time basis. The app supports more than 40 different bank formats processing with help of various open source tools, Adobe SDK and AWS TextRact.

Technology : Python, Django, MySQL DB, Adobe APIs, AWS TextRact AI/ML service


OTC App (Hybrid for Android and iPhone)

Use case details : As a CRA, compliance with RBI’s ATM operations safety and security guidelines was the key priority. Thousands of field staff/custodians use this Mobile App to securely receive One Time Code to open ATM locks. It supports various measures to ensure safety and security – face detection and comparison, encryption /decryption, binding of IMEI, MacID and SIM of the phone, image and video capture, audit logs, expiry time settings for codes, lat-long geofencing checks, end of the checks and balances

Technology : Mobile App for Custodians using React Native. Server side – .Net Platform , REST services written in C# and MS SQL DB


Audit Checklist App

Use case details : As a CRA, compliance with RBI’s ATM operations safety and security guidelines was the key priority Audit Checklist is a Progressive Web Application designed with the mobile first approach. Hundreds of Auditors use this app to punch the audits for thousands of ATMs on a monthly basis.

User experience is designed in such a way that the entire report can be punched in mobile within couple of minutes with minimal typing needed from the user.

The back-end hosts the data for the audits done by the auditors and supervisors while maintaining the hierarchies and demographics.

The platform is integrated with the CMS master data platform and exposes its features as REST API that can be consumed as services by other applications or platform.

Technology : Angular, Python, Flask, MYSQL


Hyper Automation – Dispute Resolutions and Reconciliation (Read Detailed Case Study)

Use case details : Design, Developed and Launched a real-time automation platform to handle ~100000 ATM cash withdrawal/deposit related customers complains per month, they are raised as a dispute by the bank and MSP and gets passed on to CMS for resolution.

SLA required to resolve or reconcile the dispute within a very strict turnaround time (TAT) and respond to MSPs with a resolution along with ‘Acceptance or Rejection’ of the claim. Given the installation base , volume of the disputes (around 10K per day) received every day is very high and it consumes lot of resources and manpower for keeping up with the stringent deadlines.

The bulk of the disputes comes via email with various attachments in zip files. Each email typically consists of anywhere between 20-450 disputes in a table. Also attached are the EJ files (log files from ATM machine).

Earlier it was a very tedious and manual process to read every email , download the zip files , unpack and open each EJ file to map it with the dispute in the table. After the disputes were matched with the EJ files then the user needed to look up the errors within EJ for that disputed transaction manually log into the CMS Connect app to resolve the dispute as per the Rule Book and create a ticket in the RMS portal. With RMS Automation system the all the above tasks are fully automated using three modules Email Bot , Ticket Bot and Rule Engine. All the three modules are offered as independent services

Email Bot : Reads emails received from MSP, unpacks the attachments and EJ files , does the preliminary validations and hands it over to Ticket Bot

Ticket Bot : Reads the disputes , validates all the relevant fields , maps the EJ files against the dispute, Prepares the tickets and the batch for the given email and calls the REST API of RMS ticketing platform to automatically create the tickets.

Ticketing Platform : Provides API to create and update tickets and invokes the Rule engine as per the workflow.

Rule Engine : This module exposes REST API where it can process tickets and automatically resolve the disputes according to Rules specified in the Rule book. The rule execution depends on reading and interpreting the various EJ files , extracting the relevant information and interpreting it and then applying the rules. It prints the Justification log along with the resolution of whether the claim should be accepted or rejected. If it encounters a more complicated condition where it’s not able to apply any rule it then marks the case for the manual intervention and the ticketing platform then automatically routes it to the appropriate user.

Technology : Automation – Python, MySQL, Flask, REST APIs | Portal/Backend – C# , ASP.Net, MSSQL , Web API

Choosing a digital partner for us was about more than capabilities — it’s about collaboration and business evolution. Whether our goal of building the world’s first AI automated ATM Security software application or Hyper Automation for Dispute Resolutions and Reconciliation or be it a transformation of our core business processes – The team Oneture is always there to partner with us to help us gain— and maintain—competitive advantage with efficient, sustainable models and tailored made solutions at scale. Over the last 2.5 years, their commitment to quality solution delivery and proactive approach in problem-solving, hands-on talent, agility is a key strength that built trust, not just with me but with my business partners too.
Rohit Kilam
CTO - CMS Info Systems